Where To Buy Fresh Ginger? (Both Online & Offline)

Ginger is currently in popular demand, as it’s got many health benefits. It’s often used in the kitchen, for example when making tea, a smoothie, or even a marinade.

If you’re new to using ginger, you might not know where you can buy it. We will teach you the multiple ways to buy ginger, both on- and offline, and we will also let you know what freshness you can expect from each possibility.

    Where to buy ginger?

    As ginger is in popular demand, it can sometimes be tricky to get your hands on. Many health enthusiasts jump in on the hype, causing stores to sometimes sell out quickly.

    Here are a couple ways to buy ginger, both on- and offline.

    Grocery store

    ginger in grocery store
    A basket of ginger in the grocery store.

    Almost all grocery stores, including Walmart, sell ginger root for great prices. If you’re near a grocery store, and they sell ginger there, do not buy them online as they’re often a lot cheaper when bought locally.

    Street markets

    fruit and vegetable stand on a street market
    Fruit and vegetable stand on a street market.

    Another place to obtain the freshest ginger, is by visiting street markets. You’ll usually find huge stands filled with many fruits and vegetables, most likely all as fresh as it gets. The pricing is usually also way better than online, and you can also make a nice deal with the seller if you’re buying multiple foods at the same time.


    Not really looking forward to going to a grocery store or market to buy fresh ginger? Me neither! In our household, we usually order most of our groceries online as this saves us a lot of time which we can use to do other stuff.

    On the internet, there are multiple places where you can buy ginger.


    ginger for sale on Amazon
    Ginger for sale on Amazon.

    Amazon has many sellers that sell ginger for great prices. Just be cautious and check the reviews before buying, as freshness is not guaranteed.

    Specialized online stores

    windcrest farmThere are many specialized stores to be found on the internet across the United States. One of them is Windcrest Farm, a webshop that specializes in certified organic vegetables, spices and more.

    A downside to such stores is that their stock is usually very limited. Once you can get your hands on fresh ginger from such stores, you’ll be amazed by their freshness and quality, as this is often way higher than in grocery stores.

    What to look for when buying ginger?

    There are a couple of things to look out for when you’re buying ginger, as you could easily leave your grocery store with the undesired product.

    Types of ginger

    The first thing you want to look out for is the type of ginger that you’re buying. You could easily pick the wrong type of ginger, as there are many species available such as the Chinese (yellow), Japanese or Thai ginger.

    Form of ginger

    Make sure you pick the right form of ginger, as they’re available in different forms such as regular ginger, but also ground or candied ginger.

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