9 Things To Do With Extra Tomatoes

Before you throw away those sad looking overripe extra tomatoes, think again. There are many ways you can still use them to create delicious meals/snacks. Say no to wasting food, and check out these unique ideas below.

    1. Make stuffed tomatoes

    stuffed tomatoes with delicious filling
    Use your extra tomatoes to create stuffed tomatoes with delicious filling.

    Just like stuffed mushrooms is a thing, you can also use tomatoes for the same idea. There are many recipes to try, so you don’t have to throw your extra tomatoes away.

    To create stuffed tomatoes, only a few steps are required:

    • Remove the vines and stems, after which you can wash your tomatoes.
    • Slice the tomatoes in half and remove flesh using a spoon.
    • Add your fillings inside the tomato.

    As filling for stuffed tomatoes, you can use many ingredients. Examples are mozzarella (or any other) cheese, basil, and sausage.

    2. Make a tomato sauce

    One of the easiest ways to use extra tomatoes, is for a tomato sauce. As their sauce lasts for up to 6 months in the freezer, feel free to throw all of your leftover tomatoes in the sauce. That way you won’t have to throw any of them away, and you can still use your tasty sauce after months.

    3. Make a tomato soup

    make a tomato soup with your extra tomatoes
    Make a tomato soup with your extra tomatoes.

    Another way that you can use extra tomatoes, is by making a delicious tomato soup. This is an excellent idea, as you can make a big amount that you can just store in your freezer for later use whenever you’re hungry.

    You can blend your leftover tomatoes with other ingredients you want to add in your soup, such as chicken, egg, or maybe other vegetables. Eat however much you want, and freeze the rest in bags, so you have a proper dinner for a few times in the future.

    4. Make tomato juice

    fresh tomato juice
    Create a tomato juice with your extra tomatoes.

    Creating your own tomato juice is an easy way to get a lot of vitamins and minerals in. Next to tomatoes, you can also add other vegetables inside the blend. Simmer all vegetables together, and then throw them in the blender. Blend for a few minutes (or less, if you like hard pieces), and pour in a glass.

    Tomato juice is also very easy to store, so you can create multiple portions, which you can use as your vitamin shot for the day for the next few weeks.

    5. Add tomatoes on your sandwich

    tomatoes on sandwich
    Adding tomatoes on your sandwich creates a burst of flavor.

    Tomatoes are a great addition to any sandwich. Their flavor really changes the way a sandwich tastes. Add some slices of your extra tomatoes to a sandwich of your liking, and enjoy the burst of flavor.

    6. Use extra tomatoes for a cocktail

    cocktail with tomatoes
    Create a cocktail that requires tomatoes as an ingredient.

    Multiple cocktails, such as Bloody Mary, The Heirloom, or Tomato Margarita, use tomatoes as one of their ingredients. If you’re a cocktail lover, you may be able to use your leftover tomatoes in one of your favorite drinks.

    7. Create your own ketchup

    homemade ketchup
    Create a homemade ketchup using your extra tomatoes.

    Don’t like the store bought ketchup that contains a crazy amount of additives? We don’t either. Using your extra tomatoes for a homemade ketchup is a great way to keep the food of your family as clean as possible. Who doesn’t like ketchup made from fresh tomatoes?

    8. Make dried tomatoes

    Sun dried tomatoes are always very expensive in the grocery store, causing me to almost never buy them. But did you know you can easily make dried tomatoes yourself, that taste similar to the store-bought ones? It’s actually way easier than you might’ve thought.

    9. Eat your tomatoes whole

    whole tomatoes
    Delicious, fresh, ripe tomatoes – ready to be eaten.

    Do you enjoy the taste of fresh, raw tomatoes? Last but not least, your last option is to eat them whole, without adding them into any dish. You can just eat them the same as an apple. Wash them, and start taking bites from the side, yummy!

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