What Does Asparagus Taste Like?

Asparagus is a vegetable that gained a lot of popularity in recent years, as it’s a nutritional powerhouse. They are low in calories, while they include different vitamins such as C and E, but also glutathione which acts as an important antioxidant in the human body.

If you’ve never eaten asparagus before, you might be wondering what they taste like. At first sight, they don’t look very appealing, but once you’ve tasted them once, you will most likely love them forever.

    The magical taste of asparagus

    Everybody that eats asparagus will describe a different taste, which is why it’s such a unique vegetable. Below, you will be able to find what we think both green and white asparagus taste like.

    What do green asparagus taste like?

    Everyone has a different opinion on what green asparagus taste like. Everybody agrees on one point, at least, and that is its very strong flavor.

    Depending on how long they are cooked, they tend to have a nice bite. The flavor that comes closest to the one of green asparagus is the one of green beans (with a bit more of a bite).

    The taste can often change based on what ingredients it’s paired with inside a bigger meal. It combines very well with other foods that have a bold taste.

    green asparagus combined with salmon and vegetables in a delicious meal
    Green asparagus combined with salmon and vegetables in a delicious meal.

    Depending on how it’s prepared, green asparagus can also obtain a different taste. When boiling them versus frying them, the taste can be completely different.

    Nevertheless, when eating them raw, they might be a lot harder to bite through, unless you’re planning to use them for a smoothie.

    What do white asparagus taste like?

    White asparagus taste very similar to their green counterpart. They are often a bit sweeter, and also softer, which is why many people like to use them in soups.

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