8 Tasty Substitutes for Diced Tomatoes

Are you looking for the best alternatives for diced tomatoes? You can actually find many ingredients that work as ideal substitutes for these common vegetable ingredients.

Diced tomatoes are among the most commonly used ingredients when preparing dishes from around the world. They are generally tomato chunks manufactured with tomato juice.

Furthermore, you will find diced tomatoes excellent time-savers because they complement various homemade foods you and your family love. You can use them when cooking soups, preparing side dishes and making sauces like those for pasta.

Nevertheless, diced tomatoes can sometimes be unavailable in your nearby grocery store or supermarket. You may also have mild intolerance or allergy with them.

Diced tomatoes may also not be the flavor your family members typically enjoy. Thus, you may find yourself wondering about the best replacement for these canned vegetables.

Reading this brief article will help you learn about the eight best substitutes for diced tomatoes. These common food ingredients can also make your dishes flavorful, nutritious, and delicious.


Diced Tomatoes: Ubiquitous Ingredient of International Cuisines

Diced tomatoes are convenient versions of the edible berry. When you purchase them in your local supermarket, you do not have to take your time slicing them according to your recipe’s requirements.

After all, these usually red-colored, juicy, and fleshy edible foods are already conveniently cut. Diced tomatoes are based on the tomato plant coming from worldwide. Although these vegetables demand a warm climate to grow, today’s tomato growers can cultivate them all year round in all regions globally, thanks to the greenhouses and reliable cultivation technologies.

Hence, tomatoes are among the well-known and most used vegetables that people consume in multiple cuisines. You surely love diced tomatoes for completing your favorite dishes such as Margherita pizza, the classic tomato soup, tomato and garlic pasta, and many more.

Nevertheless, there are times when your favorite diced tomatoes are not available in the grocery store. You may also want to be creative with your meals sometimes.

Therefore, you find yourself searching for food ingredients with a similar taste to the diced tomatoes. There are eight perfect alternatives for diced tomatoes that can give you the best cooking results.

Recommended substitutes for diced tomatoes

The following ingredients are among the commonly used replacements for diced tomatoes. They are wholesome, tasty, and enhance the flavor of your dishes.


Unripe mango

unripe-mangoMangoes are among the well-known and widely cultivated tropical fruits. These alternatives for diced tomatoes are native to Asia’s southeastern region.

Moreover, mangoes are juicy. But these fruits’ texture and flavor can get modified, depending on their various variants and ripeness.

If you need a good substitute for diced tomatoes, the unripe mangoes are highly recommended. They are sour, green or yellow-green fruits that are perfect for making salads and different curry recipes.

Indian gooseberry

indian-gooseberriesVitamin C-rich Indian gooseberries are tiny fruits also known as amla. They have thin yet tough skin. Moreover, Indian gooseberries are green and round, used for culinary purposes and as herbal medicine.

Are you making sweet and savory meals like chutneys and curries, and opt to replace diced tomatoes? It would be best if you use Indian gooseberries since they can yield a similar taste.


gherkinsDo you want a different ingredient for your sandwich or salad instead of the diced tomatoes you usually use? You can try putting gherkins instead. You will notice that they make fantastic alternatives for diced tomatoes.

Gherkins are the tiny variant of pickled cucumber. These vegetables are also fresh and zingy, left fermented using vinegar, brine, or other solution.

Vinegar and stock

vinegarUsing stock with a dash of vinegar for tanginess is another ideal substitute for diced tomatoes. You will notice that you will obtain some depth of flavor you usually get from the canned vegetables.

Soups and sauces are some liquid recipes you can best prepare using vinegar and stock, replacing your usual choice of diced tomatoes.


yogurtYogurt is a popular food made using milk’s bacterial fermentation, also known as yogurt cultures. It is among the ideal substitutes for diced tomatoes because its flavor is also acidic.

Furthermore, yogurt is frequently blended with fruits or sweetened in some way. Buying yogurt’s plain and unsweetened version makes it a fine diced tomato substitute.

You can best prepare curry with yogurt. This dish can get the right amount of tartness and body, just like it would with diced tomatoes.

It would be best if you remember, though, that yogurt is not ideal for dishes where tomatoes are the primary ingredient. It is also not recommended for foods in which the added flavor of yogurt’s lactic component is not appreciated.


pumpkinPumpkins are vegetables, usually with an orange or deep yellow color. It is a winter squash widely used in international cuisines.

The pumpkin purée is an ideal replacement for diced tomatoes. They are especially preferable when you prepare foods whose ingredients mainly include tomato sauce or tomato paste, such as spaghetti with meatballs.


peppersRed bell peppers make fine alternatives for diced tomatoes. They have the same color and somewhat the same taste as well.

Moreover, peppers are fantastic when used as a topping for bruschetta and when preparing vegetable salads. They are ideal as diced tomato substitute in sauces, soups, and stew since they feature a similar consistency.

You can modify your meals’ flavors by adding some lemon juice or vinegar. In this way, you can reach a more similar and slightly acidic flavor or sour taste that diced tomatoes have.

Tamarind paste

tamarind-pasteAnother good replacement for diced tomatoes is tamarind paste. Manufacturers make it using the tamarind tree’s fruit.

The tamarind paste is sour and sweet, and this taste is close to that of diced tomatoes. It is available in your local supermarket and usually has a long shelf life.

This diced tomato substitute is ideal when cooking curry and other tomato-based dishes. It will help if you remember to adjust the tamarind paste’s quantity to get your desired taste.

As you can see, you can always opt for other kinds of ingredients if you want to try them instead of sticking to diced tomatoes. The unripe mango, Indian gooseberry, gherkin, vinegar and stock, yogurt, pumpkin, peppers, and tamarind paste are the eight best substitutes for diced tomatoes.

They can provide you with nearly similar taste. Above all, these incredible alternatives for diced tomatoes let you be more creative in your cooking and achieve a whole new dining experience with your family.

Pricing of diced tomatoes and it’s substitutes

Diced tomatoes are extremely cheap, as you can just buy tomatoes and cut them yourself. Luckily, most of the substitutes won’t break the bank either.

Here is an overview of the pricing of all substitutes per 1 ounce:

  • Unripe mango: $0.50
  • Indian gooseberry: $1.40
  • Gherkin: $0.08
  • Vinegar and stock: $0.10
  • Yogurt: $0.05
  • Pumpkin: $0.45
  • Peppers: $0.10
  • Tamarind paste: $0.80

Diced tomatoes itself only cost between $0.05 and $0.25 per ounce. The price differs because you can either opt for fresh tomatoes that you dice yourself, or pre-packaged diced tomatoes in cans with added purée.

If you’re looking for the cheapest substitute to save some money, you could go for yogurt or gherkin. People who are after a bit more luxury could opt for Indian gooseberries, but they’re a bit more difficult to obtain.

Nutritional facts of diced tomatoes and its substitutes

If you’re someone that likes to keep food on the lower side in terms of calories, we thought about you as well. Diced tomatoes are pretty low in calories, so this is what we kept in mind when looking for substitutes.

The nutritional facts of diced tomatoes itself are as follows (per 1 ounce):

  • Calories: 5
  • Protein: 0.3 grams
  • Carbohydrates: 1.1 grams
  • Fat: 0.1 grams
  • Fiber: 0.3 grams

Here’s a nutritional showdown between the various diced tomato alternatives (per 1 ounce).

Unripe mango170.2g4g0.1g0.5g
Indian gooseberry160.2g4g0.1g0.7g
Tamarind paste260.2g4.4g0.8g0.4g
Comparison of the nutritional facts of all substitutes to diced tomatoes.

As you can see, most of the substitutes have a pretty similar calorie count. If you want to keep your meal on the lower end of the calories, you could opt for pumpkin or gherkin. If calories don’t matter for you, feel free to try out tamarind paste and yogurt, as they’re very tasty alternatives to diced tomatoes.

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