What Seasoning Goes Well With Asparagus?

If you don’t really like the taste of bland asparagus, you might want to season them to spice them up a bit. Good seasoning can really change the whole experience of any type of good, which is why it’s often done, especially if you’re making a meal where asparagus are sort of a side-dish.

    Seasoning that goes well with asparagus

    We have gathered the best seasoning that goes well with asparagus, for you to try out.

    1. Chives

    Chives are a commonly used herb as seasoning for asparagus. Snipping fresh chives onto your asparagus will add that extra bite which creates a whole new experience for every asparagus lover.

    2. Chili powder

    Do you enjoy spicy food? Then adding a bit of chili powder on top of your asparagus might be a beautiful idea. Do not add too much though, as even a tiny bit of chili powder can already change its taste completely.

    3. Garlic

    If there’s one spice that can easily be used to season almost any vegetable, it is garlic. Adding a bit of garlic on top of your asparagus can create a powerful, mouthwatering aroma that your guests will love.

    4. Paprika

    If you’re a fan of a smoky taste, then adding paprika as a seasoning on your asparagus might be a great idea. This gives your asparagus a taste as if they were prepared on a grill, which is an extraordinary experience.

    5. Fennel

    Fennel is a great pick if you’re looking for a spice to season your asparagus. The taste starts a bit bitter, but becomes a little sweet afterwards, which is why it works very well with a savory vegetable such as green asparagus.

    6. Salt

    Don’t have any of the spices above available? Salt can be used as a last resort, as it’s still a great way to season your asparagus. At home, we use Himalayan pink salt, which we really like because of its bigger grains. This also adds some crunchiness to the asparagus.

    7. Pepper

    When adding salt on top of your asparagus, pepper cannot be forgotten to add in the mix as well. A combination of pepper and salt used as seasoning is popular for a reason, as they combine very well together and can give any vegetable a great taste.

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