How To Thicken Tomato Sauce? 5 Best Ways

Whether your tomato sauce is canned or self-made, it might end up being too watery or thin for the recipe or meal that you’re trying to prepare.

Luckily, it’s not hard to thicken your tomato sauce. Nobody likes sauce that does not properly stick to their pasta, so we’ve got you covered.

    Multiple ways to thicken a tomato sauce

    We have found x different methods that you can use to make your tomato sauce thicker.

    1. Simmering

    Simmering is by far the easiest way to thicken a tomato sauce. Place your sauce in a pan, and simmer on low heat for about 10 to 15 minutes. This will make sure that some extra liquid gets boiled out of the sauce. Make sure to keep stirring so that the sauce doesn’t burn.

    If you do not have a pan, it’s also possible to use a slow cooker for simmering your tomato sauce.

    2. Add extra tomato sauce

    tomato-sauceIf your sauce is too watery, one simple solution is to just add some extra tomato sauce. This can be either canned or self-made tomato sauce, as long as it’s thick. Keep adding a little into your current sauce and stir it through until it becomes as thick as you wish.

    It’s not an issue if you end up with too much sauce, as tomato sauce can easily be stored.

    3. Use a starch such as mashed potatoes

    mashed-potatoesStarches are known to thicken liquid foods, as they can absorb the liquid better than any other ingredient. As mashed potatoes are almost all starch, there is no better starchy food to try this out with.

    Simply mash some potatoes, and add them into your tomato sauce before stirring them through. After that, decide if your tomato sauce is now thick enough, or if you need to add a bit more mashes potatoes.

    4. Add some cheese

    shredded-cheeseIf you’re a real cheese lover, you can make your tomato sauce a little creamier and thicker at the same time. Grab some shredded cheese, and add it into the tomato sauce. Stir it through, and repeat, adding some extra shredded cheese, until the tomato sauce is of your desired thickness.

    5. Make use of arrowroot (for the vegans)

    arrowroot-powderIf you’re a vegan, and you want to thicken your tomato sauce, arrowroot is one of the tested options. As arrowroot itself has no flavor, your tomato sauce will become thicker without changing the taste.

    You will need a bag of arrowroot powder for this. First, make a small 50/50 mix of water and a few teaspoons of arrowroot powder. After mixing, add it into your warm tomato sauce. Stir it through, and enjoy your thicker tomato sauce.

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