Is Your Asparagus Bad? 5 Ways To Tell

Eating asparagus after they’ve gone bad is a bad idea, as they’re not edible and healthy anymore. It could happen that you’ve put them in the back of the fridge, after which they go unnoticed for months. You are then ready to peel them, but they look a bit odd. Have your asparagus gone bad?

    1. Check the tips

    The easiest way to check if your asparagus have gone bad, is by checking the tips. If they have turned to a darker color that almost looks like black, chances are you can’t eat them anymore.

    rotten asparagus tips
    Rotten tips do not necessarily mean that you have to throw them away instantly.

    You can double-check if they’re bad by touching the tips. Do they just mush between your fingers? You don’t have to throw them away instantly, as they might be safe to eat if you just cut the tips off. Check for the other indicators that they might be bad, just in case.

    2. Check their odor

    Have you always enjoyed the odor of fresh asparagus? Chances are they don’t smell great anymore if you’ve noticed a change in color or texture. If they don’t smell anymore, they will most likely not have their great taste anymore as well.

    3. Check the color of the stalk

    Have you noticed any difference in the color of the stalk? Don’t they have their lovely green color anymore? Although uncommon, a change of color in the stalk might also indicate that your asparagus have gone bad.

    4. Wrinkly stalks

    Next to the color of the stalk, wrinkly stalks could also indicate that your asparagus are bad. It doesn’t matter how well you store them, this can always happen out of nowhere. You might still be able to eat them, if the perfect texture of fresh asparagus is not a must for you.

    5. Mushy texture

    Next to the mushy tips of the asparagus, the whole texture of it might have also become mushy. You can check this by picking the asparagus up in the middle.

    Does it bend over like Play-Doh? This doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re unsafe to eat, but they might be. In this case, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Throw them away, and find the right substitute to continue cooking your meal.

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