2 Best Ways to Store Fresh & Cooked Asparagus

If you are like me, you might buy asparagus in bigger portions, which is often cheaper. This usually results in leftovers after cooking, as barely anybody needs multiple pounds of asparagus for a single dish.

Luckily, there are multiple ways to store both fresh and cooked asparagus, after which you can simply cook them for a next meal.

    Different ways to store asparagus

    Fresh asparagus can be stored in multiple ways, depending on whether you want to use them on a short or long-term basis.

    To store them properly, in both the freezer and fridge, you have to treat them a bit like flowers:

    1. Trim the stems, and place the asparagus upright in a glass that’s filled with water.
    2. Cover the asparagus with a plastic bag.
    3. Place it inside the freezer or refrigerator.

    How long does asparagus stay fresh in the freezer?

    Storing asparagus in the freezer will make sure that they will stay fresh for a longer period. Fresh asparagus will go bad in about a year, while cooked asparagus will expire in about 10 months.

     In the freezerIn the fridge
    Fresh asparagus lasts for..1 year1 week
    Cooked asparagus lasts for..10 months4 days
    How long can you store asparagus? (table overview)

    How long can you store asparagus in the fridge?

    Fresh asparagus last about a week in the refrigerator, while cooked asparagus will last for only about 4 days. Make sure you reheat your cooked asparagus before this expiration date.

    Should you wash asparagus before storing?

    Asparagus is a unique and delicious vegetable. Its flavor can be lost easily if it’s washed. To avoid losing the freshness of this vegetable, trim the ends and place it upright in a jar with enough cold water, just to cover it. Then store in the refrigerator.

    Do you need to refrigerate fresh asparagus?

    Yes, fresh asparagus should be refrigerated to ensure freshness and optimal quality. By trimming the ends and keeping the stalks moist, you can increase the length of time you can keep them before cooking them.

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