2 Best Ways to Reheat your Leftover Dumplings

A dumpling is a mass of dough, often filled with vegetables, dairy, or meat. They are often eaten at a Chinese takeaway, and as we all know they can give big portions, which might result in leftovers. It is possible to eat your leftover dumplings when they’re cold, but obviously this is far from optimal in terms of the taste and whole experience behind them.

Luckily, reheated dumplings can still taste as amazing as if they came fresh out of the box / from the food delivery. Below are the best methods to do so if you don’t know how to do that.


Reheating your dumplings in the microwave

The easiest way to make your dumplings ready-to-eat again is by using the microwave. A big benefit by using the microwave is that it takes less than two minutes, and they actually taste very decent after reheating them.

  1. Place your leftover dumplings in a container that’s safe for in the microwave (preferably: use a lid).
  2. You can optionally cut them all in half, to guarantee proper heating throughout the whole dumpling.
  3. Add a bit of water on top of the dumplings and loosely cover the container with the lid if you’re using one.
  4. Microwave the dumplings for 30 seconds before you check the heat.
  5. If they’re warm enough, they are ready to eat. If not, reheat them for another 10 seconds and check again.

Using a skillet to reheat your dumplings

Another way of reheating your dumplings, which also takes less than a minute, is by using a skillet.

  1. Put a couple teaspoons of water inside your skillet and preheat it to a low-medium heat.
  2. Add your dumplings inside the skillet and add a lid on top. The lid is important as they will be heated more evenly.
  3. Let them become warm for a couple of minutes before they are ready to eat.

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