How to reheat a Chicken Cordon Bleu? 2 Easy Ways

A chicken cordon bleu is a delicious piece of ‘meat’, if you can call it that. It’s a piece of chicken surrounded with melted cheese (optional) and breadcrumbs.

While it’s not very common to cook too much chicken cordon bleu, you might’ve made a mistake which ended you up with leftovers. There is no need to throw any of it away, as reheating chicken cordon bleu is a piece of cake.


Reheating a chicken cordon bleu in the oven

The best form of reheating your chicken cordon bleu is by far using the oven. This method will make sure it won’t become soggy, as there is a breadcrumb dredge that will become crispy in the oven.

Reheat your chicken cordon bleu in the oven like so:

  1. Preheat your oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Grab some baking paper and lay your leftover chicken cordon bleu on top.
  3. Once preheated, place the baking paper on the rack, and put it in the oven.
  4. Bake it for about 12 minutes.
  5. Check the temperature. If it’s not warm throughout, let it bake for another minute before repeating this step.

Pros of using the oven

By using the oven to reheat your chicken cordon bleu, you can produce a crispy result that’s properly heated all throughout.

Cons of using the oven

It might take a long time before your chicken cordon bleu is reheated, but as many people cook, for example, potatoes and vegetables next to it, you can time it perfectly to finish your meal at the same time.

Using a microwave to reheat your chicken cordon bleu

Not everyone has an oven, so their last resort is using the microwave. This could result in a soggy result, but as it’s the only method you can use, you will have to go for it.

Use your microwave to reheat the chicken cordon bleu by following these steps:

  1. Place your chicken cordon bleu on a microwave-proof plate.
  2. Put the plate in the microwave, and microwave on high for a couple of minutes.
  3. Check the temperature and, if necessary, microwave for another 30 seconds and repeat step 3 until it’s ready to be eaten.

Pros of using the microwave

The only benefit, compared to the oven, is that it takes less time.

Cons of using the microwave

Reheating your chicken cordon bleu in the microwave could end up in a soggy result, which is not very pleasant with this type of meat. If you do have an oven and a bit more patience, it’s highly recommended.

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