How Many Asparagus Spears in a Pound?

A lot of recipes might ask you to prepare asparagus spears in a certain volume, such as a cup, ounce or even pound. If your packaging does not show how much each spear weighs, it might be hard for you to decide how many you need to use if you don’t have a proper kitchen scale.

 Small spearsMedium/standard spearsLarge spears
Amount of spears in a pound352515
How many asparagus in a pound? (table overview)

As asparagus spears are often required in recipes, you might be looking for an answer to the question: “How many asparagus spears in a pound?”. This depends completely on the size of the spears. There are about 35 small spears in a pound, 25 normal spears or 15 large spears.

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