Do Canned & Bottled Tomato Paste Go Bad?

If you’re just like me, you’re probably not using a whole can of tomato paste in a single meal. This causes leftovers to sit in the container, which actually go bad rather quickly, just like tomato paste in a tube.

Canned or bottled tomato paste will go bad after 5 to 6 days of opening. If you haven’t opened the can or bottle yet, it can last in your pantry up until 6 months past the best-by-date.

    How to know if your tomato paste has gone bad?

    There are a few simple ways that will tell you instantly if your tomato paste has gone bad.

    1. Check the odor

    The easiest way to tell if your tomato paste has gone bad is by checking the smell. Does it smell way off compared to the first time you opened it? Throw it away instantly. Tomato paste is not very expensive, and risking food poisoning over that is not worth it.

    2. Check the appearance

    Has mold appeared on your tomato paste, or does the color seem off? Throw it away instantly, as it might have gone bad.

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