Can Asparagus be Eaten Raw? Yes, Here is How

Asparagus is a vegetable that’s full of nutrients, which is why it’s the among the favorite foods of many. If you’re really craving asparagus, and you currently have no time (or you just don’t want to) cook them, you might be looking for ways to eat them raw.

Luckily, asparagus can be eaten raw in a couple of ways. We will list a few tasty ideas that you can use to enjoy your raw asparagus instead of letting them sit in your kitchen cabinet until they go bad.

    1. Add raw asparagus into a salad

    Salad with raw asparagus.
    Salad with raw asparagus.

    One of the most common ways to eat raw asparagus is by adding them into a salad. They taste very well in a salad combined with other delicious ingredients such as lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, or even strawberries. Add a bit of dressing or shredded cheese on top for maximum enjoyment.

    2. Eat them as a snack

    Did you know that raw asparagus are actually a great snack? Serve them raw on a plate with a little sea salt or other toppings on top of the asparagus, and enjoy their great raw taste.

    raw asparagus with bacon wrapped around them
    Bacon-wrapped asparagus as a snack.

    If you’re aiming for an even better taste, you can also wrap your raw asparagus in a piece of bacon. The combination of asparagus with bacon wrapped around them tastes amazing.

    3. Add raw asparagus in a smoothie

    smoothie with raw asparagus in it
    Delicious smoothie with raw asparagus in it.

    An easy way to eat most vegetables raw is by adding them into a healthy smoothie. Most vegetables can easily be added in a blender, which makes it an easy way to get some extra vitamins and minerals in. Add a couple of asparagus, including the tips, into a smoothie of your liking.

    4. Feed it to your animals

    If you don’t want to eat your asparagus raw, your animals might like it. Dogs like it for example, but make sure to peel it and chop it up in small pieces if you’re planning to let your pets eat raw asparagus as the stalk can be pretty tough to chew and swallow.

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